Ferret Lovers Rejoice!

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 8.47.56 AMMany of you love the Stewart® brand for what we provide for your beloved canines, but we’ve extended our nutritious, delicious Pro-Treat® line to small animals, too! That’s right, ferrets can enjoy delicious 100% chicken liver treats in perfectly portioned pieces and you can feel good knowing you’re treating them the best.

Here are a few fun things you can actually teach your ferret with the help of our Stewart® Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Ferret Treat!

Put your hand out, palm up, and place a Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Ferret Treat on your wrist about an inch above your hand. Once your ferret steps on your hand with one paw, give him the treat. Repeat these steps and integrate a command if you’d like your ferret to recognize and perform “Shake” regularly.

Much like with dogs, hold Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Ferret Treats a little above their head so they have to lean back a bit to see it – be sure it’s not too high or your ferret may jump to retrieve it. Once your ferret sits, say “Sit!” and immediately treat and praise him.

“Roll Over”
If you can, get your ferret to lie down (a command that can also be learned.) Move the Pro-Treat® around his mouth until he rolls onto his back, belly up. Give him the treat. Practice this until he gets the hang of it, then you can start circling the treat around his mouth until he does a full roll.


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