Outdoor Activities To Help You Fall Into Autumn

Golden dog in fall leaves

For some people (and their pets), seeing summer go is a hard goodbye (The beach! The bright colors of the trails! The warm, uplifting sun!) But, for others, the onset of autumn is what they wait all year for – the new and transitioning colors, the crispness in the air, and that lovely space between the heat and humidity and freezing temperatures can be a welcomed change. But not to worry, summer peeps, we’ve got a 4 fun outdoor activities to help you fall into Autumn.

Hiking –

In our neck of the woods this is the perfect time to hit the trail in the middle of the afternoon without worrying about our dog’s paw pads or overheating. Human Pro-Tip: take deep breaths and notice the freshness in the air and the beautiful changing colors. You never know, fall may just become your favorite.

Camping –

Since the days aren’t so hot it’s less exhausting spending the days (and nights) outside. Just be sure you bring something warm for you and Buddy to sleep in!

Pumpkin/Apple Picking –

We have a feeling your dog will LOVE being a part of the tradition of going to the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard… if you have such a tradition, of course.

Football in the Backyard –

Incredibly appropriate for the onset of the season and a great way to get your dog running

After you return home from your day of fun, treat your pet to some of our Turkey Liver How do you ring in Autumn with your pet? Share with us on Facebook!

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