Even Dog Lovers Support Adopt a Shelter Cat Month!

You know how much we love an awareness holiday around here, and June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. While we tend to focus more on the dogs, we are equal opportunity pet lovers and fully recognize how fabulous felines can be. This month, if you’ve been thinking about adding another pet to your family, consider a cat! They may not seem to need us as much as our dogs do, but they are just as entertaining; in fact, some people even prefer how hands off cats tend to be versus their canine counterparts. And if it’s companionship you want, cats are fully capable of being the happy face you come home to and cuddle on the couch with; their personalities range just as much as dogs’ do and they provide the same health benefits ranging from stress relief to unconditional love.

Check with your shelter and see if they’re running any adoption specials during this wonderful awareness month!

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