Easing Pets’ Fourth of July Fears

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There’s a reason July 5th is one of the busiest days of the year for shelters: fireworks are simply terrifying to your pet. It’s not everyday that animals experience the flashes, pops, and whistles of fireworks, nor is it possible for them to appreciate the display as a celebration of our country’s freedom the way we humans do. There’s really no way around it: fireworks are downright dangerous for both pets and humans alike. It’s important to keep pets inside for the flashy display, as animals with a strong prey drive may try to go after the explosive, some may be triggered to run away in fear, and others can get really hurt simply by being a bystander. The best way to avoid any unnecessary injuries or losses is by keeping your companion inside (and we think they’ll be happy to be there.) Here are a few other quick tips to help keep your pet (and yourself) at ease this Independence Day.

  • Inside Job. Like we said, The safest place for your pet during the flashy festivities is indoors. Be sure doors to the home are kept closed or designate a room for them – preferably toward the back of the house. If you plan on having company, put signs on doors asking guests to close them or a friendly reminder to avoid going into your animal’s room.

*Pro-Tip: Make sure to put a few of their favorite playthings (perhaps a chew toy stuffed with Pro-Treats)  in the room, too. And be sure to pop in sporadically to soothe your pet and remind them they haven’t been forgotten.

  • Tucker ‘em out. Take your dog on a run or to the dog park during the day so they’re too tuckered to worry (too much) about what’s going on outside.
  • D is Key. If there’s ever a time to make sure their collar is secure and tags and/or chip are up to date, it’s now. Don’t have them? Now’s definitely the time to buy them.
  • Keep it Pet Friendly. With bug sprays, BBQ’ed bones, and alcoholic drinks in the mix, there’s a lot about the Fourth that simply isn’t meant for pets; be sure guests aren’t feeding your pet table scraps and only use pet-friendly insect repellents on animals if they’re going to be outside.
  • Other Stress Reducing Options. For pets that have extremely high anxiety, consider an anxiety wrap or sound therapy, which is designed specifically for pets’ ears to soothe them. If your animal is comfortable in a crate, let them retreat there and do what you can to reduce the visual stimulation caused by flashes.

What are some ways you help your pet de-stress during the festivities? Share with us on Facebook!

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