Don’t Eat That! Plants to Avoid while Hiking

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to gear up for some much-needed outdoor adventure. But, if you’ve got a curious canine on your hands, hiking can be a minefield of dangerous plants that can bring a fun day out to a screeching halt if eaten. Here’s a brief rundown of some plants to make sure Buddy avoids next time you two hit the trail together.

• Aloe Vera
• Stems, leaves, and seeds of Apricot, Plum, Peach, Cherry, and Apple trees – especially when wilted
• Begonias
• Buckwheat
• Carnation
• Chamomile
• Chives
• Chinese Jade
• Daffodil
• Dahlia
• Eucalyptus
• Nearly all types of Ivy and Lilies
• Lavender
• Larkspur
• Marjoram
• Mum
• Nightshade
• Primrose
• Shamrock
• Tulip
• Umbrella leaf

For the full rundown click here, or you can do your own online search that’s specific to plants in your area. If you suspect your pet’s eaten something and notice excessive panting and/or drooling, vomiting, or abnormal lethargy, call your vet and follow their instructions.

Of course don’t forget fresh water for the both of you, and it never hurts to have a first aid kit handy. Happy trails!

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