Dogs That Do Work!

Sometimes after a hard day of work, when we’re exhausted and our tongues may as well be hanging out of our mouths, it can only be described as ‘working like a dog.’ Though the saying may come from a time when dogs were primarily owned to work, it’s obviously still used today to describe a pooped human. The American Kennel club classifies the Working Group as those bred to fulfill such duties as guarding property, pulling sleds, and performing water rescues. In honor of National Work Like a Dog Day on August 5th, we’re highlighting a few dogs that were bred to put in a hard day’s work.

Akita – Sturdy, courageous, loyal, and composed, these dogs are patient with family, cautious with strangers, and intolerant of imposters.working dogs_Akita

Bernese Mountain Dog – Calm, strong, gentle, and smart, these beauties were bred to pull carts and drive cattle and remain eager to learn and work today.Working Dogs_Bernise_Mountain_Dog

Bullmastiff – Fearless, loyal, affectionate, and protective, this breed was used to protect game from poachers and will do the same for their family.Working Dogs_Bullmastiff

Great Dane – Patient, friendly, powerful, and reliable, these outgoing giants are remarkably graceful for their size and possess a certain charm despite their ability to take down, well, anyone.Workign Dogs_Great_Dane

Rottweiler – Loyal, affectionate, and protective with family, these confident guardians are the perfect combination of cautious and caring.Working Dogs_Rottweiler


These are just a few of the amazing breeds that gave life to the phrase ‘work like a dog’ – to see the rest, head to the AKC website.

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