Dogs of Presidents’ Past

Seeing as President’s Day was yesterday, we thought it’d be fun to recap on some past presidential pooches. You can see the full rundown here, seeing as we’ll only be going back a few terms – but here they are! Looks like Ronald Reagan wins for biggest dog lover!

Barack Obama – 2009-Present
Bo and Sonny – Portuguese Water Dogs

George W. Bush – 2001-2009
Miss Beazley – Scottish Terrier
Spot – English Springer Spaniel
Barney – Scottish Terrier

Bill Clinton – 1993-2001
Buddy – Chocolate Lab

George H.W. Bush – 1989-1993
Millie – English Springer Spaniel (and George W.’s dog, Spot’s, mom)
Ranger – English Springer Spaniel (also offspring of Millie)

Ronald Reagan – 1981-1989
Lucky – Bouvier des Flandres
Rex – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Victory – Golden Retriever
Peggy – Irish Setter
Taca – Siberian Husky
Fuzzy – Belgian Sheepdog

Jimmy Carter – 1977-1981
Grits – Border Collie
Lewis Brown – Afghan Hound

Gerald Ford – 1974-1977
Liberty – Golden Retriever (and Misty’s mom)
Misty – Golden Retriever
Lucky – unknown

Richard Nixon – 1969-1974
Checkers – unknown
Vicky – Poodle
Pasha – Terrier
King Timahoe – Irish Setter

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