Dogs and Humans: We Go Way Back

There’s certainly a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend today, but how exactly did we get here? According to naturalist Mark Derr, as many as 30,000 years ago, humans and wolves forged their relationship through food (of course!) Well, hunting, to be exact. Humans would follow wolves as they tracked prey and, eventually, the wolves realized humans would leave scraps, making eating much easier than needing to catch and kill it themselves. Eventually, the two began working (and living) together consistently, which actually yielded physical changes in the wolves’ appearance over time, like a shortened jaw and smaller skeletal frame. Since then, humans and dogs became essentially inseparable, and the foundation of our relationship, food (a.k.a. reward), might be why dogs have a chemical reaction in their brains when they see us.
Now that both species are out of their hunting and gathering phase, feeding them a raw diet has never been easier with our Fresh to Home™ recipes. Whether you like the authenticity of our frozen recipes or the convenience of freeze dried, you can feel good knowing you’re getting your dog back to their nutritional roots. As far as getting them back to a traditional sleeping arrangement, well… good luck getting your bed back.

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