Dogs and Fireworks: It’s Not as Fun for Them

Fourth of July is around the corner and, while two-legged civilians love to celebrate America’s independence, our four-legged family members have a harder time figuring out what all the racket’s about. July 5th is historically among the busiest days at animal shelters simply because pets are looking to escape the rockets’ red glare. But you don’t have to abandon attending your neighbor’s barbecue just yet; here are some tips to help your animals relax during the festivities.

  • Make sure their tags and microchips are up-to-date. This is the best way to ensure you’re reunited with your pet in the event they try to escape the ‘chaos.’
  • It’s safer inside. If possible, keep your pets indoors for the nighttime festivities; it not only decreases their chances of escape, it also serves as a familiar space that can muffle some of the fireworks’ noise.
  • Consider a safe place. Whether it’s a room, crate, or their favorite blanket on a bed, consider delegating a space that can serve as a retreat for Fido.
  • Muffle the madness. Lower the blinds and turn the TV on as an attempt to muffle the flashes and sounds your dog considers foreign and scary.
  • Always remember to use products intended for dogs only, including bug repellent and treats, to ensure your pet’s safety after the holiday’s passed.


We hope you and your family, neighbors, and friends have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July celebration! Don’t forget to post some pictures to our Facebook page!

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