Dog Friendly Beach Activities as Summer Winds Down

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Say it isn’t so!

We hate to say it, and we really can’t believe it, but the end of summer is  steadily approaching. But, before we exchange our swimsuits and paddle boards for sweaters and pumpkin patches, there’s still some time left to soak up the sun with some summer fun. If you live near a beach or are planning a last hoorah on the coast, here are a few of our favorite dog friendly beach activities.

Swimming, obvi!

The beach is great because pets can gradually get into the water rather than having to immediately swim. So whether they jump through a few waves or blast through them with a doggy paddle they can always cool down while they exercise.

Evening Strolls.

One of the best things about summer is the late sunsets, mix that with the cool evening air and the sound of the waves and you’ve got a gorgeous pre-nighttime activity with your pooch.


The beach extends for miles, making it a perfect place for a game of fetch or frisbee if it’s allowed. Plus the added workout of swimming will leave you with a happily pooped pup who isn’t overheated.

Kayaking/Paddle Boarding.

For dogs with a good center of gravity, hanging out on a paddle board or kayak is a wonderful way to adventure with their owner. Bonus points for finding a private place to pull up and throw the ball around!

Pro-Tip: If it’s going to be a long day on the water you may want to consider eye protection for your buddy.

You could do all of the aforementioned activities and end the day right on the sand. Just make sure the beach or campground is pet-friendly and that Buddy has plenty of food, water, and a bed in the shade to retreat from all the fun.

What are some of your favorite ways to mark the end of summer with your pet? Send us a tweet @StewartPet! 



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