Dog Food Allergies – How The Right Food Can Help

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Does Your Dog Have Food Allergies?

Many pet owners are plagued with trying to figure out why their pet is constantly itching, scratching, or biting themselves.  Unfortunately, much of the time the cause is a food allergy. Wheat is often the culprit behind skin inflammation, but with so many food brands using any number of ingredients, it can be nearly impossible to pinpoint which one is driving your dog crazy.  It may take several attempts at trying different foods to find out which ingredients are causing problems.  It makes sense to start the process by eliminating  the unnecessary ingredients and take them back to basics.

L. I. D. (Limited Ingredient Diet) 

If your pet is diagnosed with food allergies, most veterinarians will recommend a limited ingredient diet.  Limited ingredient diets are exactly what their name implies, diets with fewer ingredients like unnecessary fillers or flavorings.  These diets are easy-to-digest, because the body doesn’t need to work as hard to find and absorb good nutrients. Using quality nutrients also means higher absorption and less processing to eliminate.  

Can A Raw Diet Help?

For many dogs suffering from food allergies, a raw diet is the answer. It’s a limited ingredient diet,  easy to digest and completely balanced.  Selecting the right diet allows you full control of everything your dog ingests.  You can avoid specific proteins or other ingredients that may give them problems. 

Some pet owners are afraid to commit to a raw diet because they worry that they are complicated, won’t provide nutritional balance, and are messy to prepare.  It’s true that a homemade raw diet can be tricky, or even dangerous if not prepared properly, which is why we’ve made it easy with our Raw Naturals™ products.  We’ve prepared our diets to be complete and balanced for all life stages so you never have to worry that your dog isn’t getting the nutrition they need.  You will never see wheat or other fillers and you will certainly never see anything artificial.   We offer 6 protein options to accommodate your pet’s palate and digestive sensitivities.

Have you or someone you know had success eliminating pet allergies by switching to a raw diet? You’re who we want to hear from! Tell us your story on Twitter @StewartPet!

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