Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day!

Finally! Someone loved dog treats as much as we do and dubbed February 23 Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. While it may sound silly, we at Stewart think every dog and owner can appreciate a good treat. Think about it, how many times have you bribed your dog with a delicious ‘biscuit’ to get them to do what you want? In fact, training would probably be out the window without these delicious morsels. And how many times have you given your dog a treat just because it makes them happy? Yep, around here we think the pet/owner bond would suffer greatly without the silent token of affection known as the treat, which is why we dedicate our brand to making healthy ones they’ll love and you’ll feel good giving them.
But who do we talk to about changing the term “biscuit”? It just sounds so archaic, fattening, and bland in comparison to 100% pure beef, pork, bison, lamb, turkey, or chicken liver. Just saying.

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