Do You Know What’s In Your Dog’s Treat?

do yo know what's in dog treats

Dog Treats

Treats are an essential element to training and do a great job of expressing appreciation and validation toward your animal in a way they can’t misunderstand. Not only that, but dog treats make your pet happy! That in itself is enough of a reason to get them into our grocery cart.

An unsavory fact about some dog treats

Because treats aren’t intended for,  or advertised to contribute to your pet’s nutritional health, we can tend to not pay as much attention to what goes into them.  Lots of questionable and unnecessary things can make their way onto the ingredient list.  Added sugar, meat by-products and rendered fat are a few. Chemical colorings, flavorings or preservatives are a few of the lesser savory items that can make the list. Like your pet’s diet, it’s important to consider what goes into their treats, especially if you’re generous with them between meals. 

And the good news is;

Now, before you abandon treats altogether, what if we told you there’s a delicious treat out there with just one wholesome ingredient?  One ingredient without by-products or chemical additives?  Nice, right?  Now, what if  that ingredient is also high in protein and low in fat? You guessed it, our Pro-Treats are made of 100% pure beef liver, lamb liver, pork liver, turkey liver, chicken liver , duck liver, bison liver, chicken breast, or wild salmon that’s small batch produced and perfectly portioned into freeze dried bites. 

When it comes to ingredients, we think less is more. If you’re looking for a healthy, natural alternative to overly processed biscuits and treats, consider upgrading to Pro-Treat!

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