Did you Hear That? A Quick Guide to Dogs’ Ears

By the time a dog’s hearing is completely developed, it’s about 4x stronger than a human’s, and also has a wider range, meaning they can hear frequencies we can’t – which explains why some dogs despise the vacuum cleaner, because they can emit an annoying pitch that goes undetected by us. Dogs also have 18 muscles in their ears, allowing them to move and tilt them to best decipher the source of the sound, while humans have only 6. A dog’s ears are also major indicators of their mood: if their ears are forward facing, they are engaged, if they’re slightly pulled back, the dog is relaxed and friendly, and if they’re laid tightly against the head, they’re fearful or intimidated.

What a human can hear from 20 feet away, a dog can hear from 80, which makes it important to know that you can speak to your dog in a normal tone to convey whatever you want them to understand – they can absolutely hear you. Whether or not they’ll listen, well… it may help if you have a Pro-Treat handy.
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