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My three Aussies love these treats. They are nice and soft so they are great for training. They are small enough to fun tricks with also! I don’t have to worry about give them away too many calories.

My dogs really love the taste and they end up being a high value treat.


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Our 14 year old Keeley has to take multiple meds twice a day and it is always challenging to get her to accept the pills. The Fresh to Home Turkey Recipe kibbles are just the perfect consistency to wrap a pill in. We don’t use it as regular meal, but give as treats, and she never notices the pills wrapped in the treat. They work great for treats and to hide pills in.

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Gizmo, my 10 year old Yorkie who weighs
5 lbs. has very tiny teeth, has no problem
Eating liver treats. She loves them! Treats had always been hard for her to enjoy. But
No problems now and there good for her. So
Glad we found them…Rae,Dallas, texas


My dog is recovering from a bout of meningitis and needed some less crunchy treats, since chewing on hard treats might be painful for a while. I took him to our local pet store for a car trip that didn’t end at the vet for a change. He walked past all the rawhide and bully sticks, and picked Stewart freeze dried pro-treats right off the shelf all by himself and started walking to the checkout. I’m not even kidding at all. He knows what he wants!