Brrr. Time to Break Out Those Dog Sweaters!










Ah, Fall… 

When it comes to dog sweaters, some breeds (like those with short thin coats) actually need them while others just look absolutely adorable in them. In light of the cooling weather and fresh fall fashions, we’re breaking down this season’s sweater trends.

● Fall Colors.

We’re talking oranges, browns, olive greens, and even gray – in any combination.

● Choose your Cut.

There are sleeveless turtleneck dog sweaters for the sophisticated hound or scoop necks with sleeves for the more laid back buddy. Both completely adorable. Heck, they can even have a hood if that’s your pet’s thing.

● Puptastic Patterns.

Classic stripes? Preppy argyle? The obvious houndstooth? There are so many amazing patterns knitted to fit your pet’s style! We personally think the more ‘70s Dad’ the better, but that’s just us.

● Festive Themes.

Obviously dog sweater weather and the holidays go hand-in-paw, so consider a Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas pattern for a truly festive fur friend.

You want to be sure your pet’s sweater fits loosely enough that it doesn’t pinch or chaffe their armpits (but not so loose that it’s not keeping them cozy.) Check the material inside and out for anything that may cause discomfort and be sure the sweater doesn’t impede their hearing or movement. For dogs who aren’t into dress up, consider a fall-forward collar like this beautiful leather collar in a burnt red hue – it doesn’t get much more autumn than that!

Does your dog have a favorite sweater?  Send us a pic on facebook, instagram or twitter with #SeasonOfPets!

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