From Brrr to Bored: 5 Cold Weather Activities For Dogs

cold weather activities for dogs

5 Cold Weather Activities For Dogs

It’s no secret that as the temperature comes down so do our options in entertainment. Colder temperatures mean less daylight, which makes it far too easy to cozy up indoors and ignore your pet’s exercise and mental stimulation. As humans we can prepare for the transition from summer to winter, get in our cars and find new things to do – but our pets don’t have that luxury… at least, not without our help. Here are a few of our favorite ways to avoid a bored Buddy this snow season.

1. At-home Training or Agility.

Not only will it refresh their memory on how to behave, but training really helps to enrich your bond with your pet. Whether you enroll them in a group class or promise to train them in twenty-minute intervals a few times a week at home, a little winter refresher will stimulate them physically and mentally.

2. Let it Snow!

Some dogs really enjoy playing in that fresh soft powder so bundle up and spend an hour hiking, playing fetch, or just goofing around in the snow. You may want to consider a jacket for small or short-haired pets and be sure to clear their paws of any ice to avoid frostbitten paw pads.

3. Puzzle Feeders.

For those ultra-smart breeds who can become destructive when bored, puzzle treaters are a great way to keep them quick (and entertained.) Look online for one that matches your pups’ smarts, load it up with some Pro-Treats, and watch the cold weather concentration commence.

4. Doggy Date.

Most dog people have other dog-loving friends, making winter play dates a great way for both of you to get out and socialize. Whether you take a walk, head to the park, or just meet at someone’s house for cocoa – you get to catch up with a pal and your dog gets to burn some energy with a like-minded playmate.

5. Do a Good Deed.

If your pet has the right temperament, consider swinging them by an assisted living facility or youth group – we guarantee it will warm the attendees from the inside out.

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