Time’s Running Out: Enjoy That Summer Sun!

dog with sunglasses









It’s always shocking how quickly August creeps up; and before we know it we’re pulling out our scarves and light sweaters for fall. Don’t get us wrong, we love those autumn temperatures, but they certainly don’t allow for the abundance of activities that a warm summer day does. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for soaking up the last of the summer sun with your pet.

  • A [Dog-Friendly] Beach Weekend. We’re talking a small retreat that requires a drive to get to the destination. Get away from the buzz of your everyday and listen to the waves crashing while the sun warms your face and water cools your toes. Ah, we can feel it now.
  • We consider kayaking the best of everything: it’s an outdoor workout that involves a day on the water and our dog can just relax close and keep us company. Kayaking is a great way to explore and discover new places while getting that always-welcome vitamin D.

(Pro-Tip: if your dog frequently accompanies you on the water, consider doggy sunglasses; Not only will they look cool,  but they’ll be protected from the reflection off the water which is just as harmful to their eyes as our own.)

  • As August slowly transitions into September, the temperature is less intense but it’s still sunny and beautiful. Grab Buddy’s backpack and hit the trail while you can still enjoy the bright greens and beautiful blooms of summer. Make sure to bring sun protection, treats and plenty of water for both of you.

What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy the summer sun? We’d love to hear more on Facebook!

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Pets: Companions, Protectors, and… Tutors?

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August always gets us thinking about back to school and new ways to keep education fun and interesting. Seeing as our kids are animal lovers, we searched “pets and education”, just to see if there was a correlation, and we’re so glad we did. Not only are there a multitude of benefits when it comes to pets and learning but there’s even a grant program called Pets in the Classroom that covers the costs of classroom pets (how rad is that?!). The reason is simple: Most children respond well to animals because there’s no fear of judgment or rejection. Not only are they a wonderful and interactive accessory to lesson plans, classroom pets teach children responsibility, increase their emotional intelligence (a.k.a. empathy) and ultimately their self-esteem.

Additionally, classroom pets boost immunity, prompt interest in otherwise mundane lesson plans, and can even ease classroom tensions. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a classroom pet – pet ownership at home will also help teach, comfort, and progress a child in their formative school years.

If your child is in grade K – 9 and you think their classroom could benefit from a small animal, talk to their teacher about applying for a Pets in the Classroom grant. The studies don’t lie! It could change your child’s whole perspective on going to school.

Do you have a picture of your kid reading to your cat or practicing a speech in front of your dog? We’d love to see it on Facebook!

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We’re Talkin’ Hottest Cat Trends Right Meow

cute cat sign

August 8 marks International Cat Day, which got us thinking: we’ve been seeing a LOT more cat stuff lately. From merchandise to actually-famous felines, it’s no longer crazy to be a cat person… in fact, it may even be considered trendy. As an ode to this newfound feline fabulousness, we’re presenting you with some of the coolest cat trends happening meow.


  • Accessories: From cat ear headbands to sweaters, purses, sunglasses, socks, and more, there are SO many ways for people to express their inner feline.
  • Home Decor: Pillows! Mugs! Even stationery and clocks… They’re all a wonderful way to let friends and visitors know you are, in fact, a cat person.
  • Themselves: For the die-hard (and probably more explorative) types, some people have dyed or shaved the shape of a cat into their hair or even gotten a cute cat tattoo. For the right people, it’s an adorable way to commit to their love of cats.


  • Walking: More people are trying to mainstream cat walks (literally, not the fashion kind.) We’ve seen lots of kitties on our social media feeds being leashed up and walked around the neighborhood much like their canine counterparts – which was seemingly unheard of five years ago. (Check out semi-famous feline Honey Bee on a hike with her owner. Curveball: She’s blind!)
  • Names: More and more people are giving their companions human names like Oliver, Chloe, Charlie, and Lucy, to name a few of the tops. Scope out the full list of last year’s most popular monikers and see how trendy of a cat owner you really are.
  • Outfits: Oh yeah, cat outfits and kitty costumes are absolutely a thing… A wonderful way for your cat to progress with the trends of the time!

Which feline trends are you most into? Share your thoughts and pictures on our Facebook!

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MiracleCorp at SuperZoo

superzoo logo








Viva Las Vegas! What happens there, stays there, right? Not for us! We’ve had a very busy couple weeks preparing for a trade show called SuperZoo, which is an opportunity for us to present our new and exciting products to buyers so that they’ll [hopefully] get them in front of new and loyal customers alike. So, what’s coming down the pipeline, you ask? We’ll gladly give you a sneak peek!

Wild Salmon Pro-Treats

Pro-Treat Wild Salmon Treats








Perfect for pets with food sensitivities, these easy-to-digest treats boast 100% pure salmon sourced in the USA and are high in Omega-3s and vitamin B12. A mouthwatering treat that promotes brain, skin, and joint health.

Fashion Collars








Our Hamilton family of products is revealing some fresh new collar designs for the summer inspired by faraway places. Our Morocco, Kokopuppi, Aztec, and Navajo Cross patterns are brightly colored and just beg to be looked at. For those with patriotic pups, we’re revealing a few new USA inspired looks – with matching leashes, of course!

Let us tell you, a LOT of work went into the development and production of these new additions, and that’s without all the prep that goes into a trade show! We feel like some very pooped puppies, but truly can’t wait to get this stuff on the shelves and in your dogs’s lives! We know how priceless feedback from our target audience is, so if you have any great product suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas with us on Facebook!

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Summer Safety, BBQ Style

dogs at barbeque

If you ask us, nothing says summer like a BBQ. There’s just something about being outside eating flame-cooked food in the company of family and friends that feel so seasonally perfect. For most people, hosting or attending a summer BBQ is a given – making it inevitable that some pets will also be in attendance. While safety should be the priority any time a group of people and pets come together, it’s especially important once you add an open flame, cooked bones, and possible alcohol in the mix. Whether you’re the party thrower or the party goer, here are a few things to keep in mind on behalf of the pets at your next event.

  • Watch the Grill. Most pets are wise enough to know that if something is extremely hot that it’s not to be played with but be proactive in preventing them from learning the hard way. Unless you know your pet won’t mess with it, have the grill in a place your pet won’t get to or make sure there’s always someone nearby to keep an eye on the BBQ.
  • Scraps Go in the Trash. Be diligent in reminding guests not to give your pet any of their leftovers, not only because a lot of BBQ food isn’t good for them (onions, cooked bones, etc.) but it also really ups their chances of overeating. If your pet has a habit of getting into the trash, make sure everything goes into a receptacle they can’t get into, preferrably with a lid to stifle the scent.
  • Be Considerate. If it’s your pet at someone else’s house, their pet at yours, or the host’s own animal: be polite. Be calm around new pets and make sure your pet can be calm around new people. Keep an eye out to make sure no one’s messing with the animal or feeding them anything they shouldn’t have. Remember that social gatherings can be frightening for some pets (while others will be the center of attention!)
  • Keep ‘em Included. For pets who like to socialize, let them be part of the action! In addition to their water bowl, you can set out a bowl of nutritious treats for guests to give and, for the pups who like to swim, let ‘em splash around! Just make sure they’re not being a nuisance to your guests. For pets who may not want to be part of the fun, let them have a room to themselves and put a sign on the door for guests not to enter.

BBQs? Hikes? Pool parties? Show us how your pet enjoys summer!

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Tips to Prevent a Lost Pet

notice of lost puppyWith the Fourth of July responsible for so many pet separations, July has become National Lost Pet Prevention Month, intended to bring awareness to the importance of prevention when it comes lost animals. In fact, as an owner, doing your part to prevent your pet from getting lost is a bare necessity when it comes to being responsible – and all it takes is a little awareness. If you’re questioning your prevention proficiency, here are a few tips to bring you back up to speed.

  • Recall Works Wonders. If there is one thing you should train your pet to do, it’s come when called. If you realize your pet got out quickly enough, you may be able to recover them simply by calling their name.
  • Keep ‘em Contained. Make sure doors to the home and gates outside are always latched closed; if you can’t ensure that, consider a crate or baby gate to keep them in a designated area so they can’t make a break for the door.
  • If your pet keeps getting out, figure out how they’re doing it and fix the problem. Whether it’s a hole under the fence, a wall that’s just short enough for them to jump over, or something else: it’s your responsibility to find and fix whatever’s allowing them to get out. If they’re really stumping you, consider setting up a makeshift security camera for a day and get clued in.
  • Proper I.D. We know we say it all the time but tags and chips have one purpose and one purpose only: to reunite you with your pet should they ever get lost. Make sure tags and chips are up-to-date and secure. If your pet is an escape artist it’s crucial that their collar stays on anytime during the day they could possibly get out.
  • Have Proof. Whether it’s a vet bill, papers from the breeder, or some other proof of ownership, it’s important to be able to prove you’re the animal’s owner. You may run into someone who’s looking out for the pet and won’t release them to just anybody or someone who’s trying to claim they’re the owner – in any case, it’s best to have irrefutable evidence that your pet’s home is with you.
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Easing Pets’ Fourth of July Fears

frightened dog











There’s a reason July 5th is one of the busiest days of the year for shelters: fireworks are simply terrifying to your pet. It’s not everyday that animals experience the flashes, pops, and whistles of fireworks, nor is it possible for them to appreciate the display as a celebration of our country’s freedom the way we humans do. There’s really no way around it: fireworks are downright dangerous for both pets and humans alike. It’s important to keep pets inside for the flashy display, as animals with a strong prey drive may try to go after the explosive, some may be triggered to run away in fear, and others can get really hurt simply by being a bystander. The best way to avoid any unnecessary injuries or losses is by keeping your companion inside (and we think they’ll be happy to be there.) Here are a few other quick tips to help keep your pet (and yourself) at ease this Independence Day.

  • Inside Job. Like we said, The safest place for your pet during the flashy festivities is indoors. Be sure doors to the home are kept closed or designate a room for them – preferably toward the back of the house. If you plan on having company, put signs on doors asking guests to close them or a friendly reminder to avoid going into your animal’s room.

*Pro-Tip: Make sure to put a few of their favorite playthings (perhaps a chew toy stuffed with Pro-Treats)  in the room, too. And be sure to pop in sporadically to soothe your pet and remind them they haven’t been forgotten.

  • Tucker ‘em out. Take your dog on a run or to the dog park during the day so they’re too tuckered to worry (too much) about what’s going on outside.
  • D is Key. If there’s ever a time to make sure their collar is secure and tags and/or chip are up to date, it’s now. Don’t have them? Now’s definitely the time to buy them.
  • Keep it Pet Friendly. With bug sprays, BBQ’ed bones, and alcoholic drinks in the mix, there’s a lot about the Fourth that simply isn’t meant for pets; be sure guests aren’t feeding your pet table scraps and only use pet-friendly insect repellents on animals if they’re going to be outside.
  • Other Stress Reducing Options. For pets that have extremely high anxiety, consider an anxiety wrap or sound therapy, which is designed specifically for pets’ ears to soothe them. If your animal is comfortable in a crate, let them retreat there and do what you can to reduce the visual stimulation caused by flashes.

What are some ways you help your pet de-stress during the festivities? Share with us on Facebook!

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Take Your Dog to Work Day: Tips to Keep it Enjoyable

man working at computer with dog on his lap


June 23 is Take your Dog to Work Day and if there’s one thing that can make a work day better, it’s dogs in the office. There’s just something about seeing their sweet, fluffy faces walking the halls that makes work feel more like home. While most employers don’t  allow dogs in the office daily, there is one day that may possibly be the exception, and that’s Friday, June 23. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that your workplace is willing to pawticipate and allow some canines in the cubicles for a day.

But events like this shouldn’t go without planning; here are a few suggestions for making today fun for everyone involved.

  1. Dogs need something to do. Sure they’ll have new pups to sniff and people to meet but once the newness wears off you should have something to occupy their time so they don’t become a nuisance to your neighbors. Maybe a chew toy, interactive treater stuffed with Pro-Treats, or even their crate if that’s where they’re calm and comfortable.
  2. Well-mannered mutts only. No pooch is perfect, but you simply can’t bring a poorly behaved pet into the office for a somewhat functional work day. You certainly want your dog to enjoy their day so it’s important that they enjoy meeting new dogs, don’t have toy aggression, and aren’t too wary of meeting new people. Otherwise, just enjoy the cuties who come to your cube!
  3. Keep them comfortable. Whatever that means for your pet. Obviously they won’t have all the comforts of home that they’re used to, but if they have a portable bed or favorite toy (that they aren’t territorial over) – bring it! Let your pet know they’re somewhere they belong… even if it’s just for today.
  4. Be involved. If your dog gets up and starts wandering, it’s good to follow them to see what they get into the first few times. That way you can be present if they start to pester your peers or doesn’t hit it off with a fellow dog.
  5. Your manners matter. While your canine coworkers are probably going to be incredibly friendly, it’s still important to mind your manners when meeting new dogs, since some may be a little weirded at first. Start with the back of your palm out toward them and take it from there; if they turn their head or just don’t seem into it, don’t force it. Furthermore, try to curb your enthusiasm when a new buddy wanders into your space to avoid startling them.

If your dog’s going to be rifling through the rolodex this week, be sure to show us on Facebook!

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Five Great Reasons to Adopt a Cat this Month

woman petting her cat

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, intended to bring attention to the thousands of fabulous felines sitting in the shelter awaiting their forever home. While cats might be known for being a bit more… what’s the word?… particular than their canine counterparts, anyone who’s owned a cat will tell you they’re just picky because they offer such a deep, genuine, and enriching bond. If you’ve been considering a cat, now’s the time! To give you a little boost, here are five fantastic, and very real,  reasons to adopt a cat this month… but do you even really need one?

  1. Stress Reduction. It’s proven that petting an animal, like a cat, reduces stress – which has a whole slew of health benefits. Even their purr helps ease the mind and promotes relaxation.
  2. Stronger Immunity. Yep, owning a cat decreases the risk of allergies and asthma, which means more happy, healthy days for you.
  3. Reduced Blood Pressure and Cholesterol. Studies have proven it. Go ahead, look it up. We’ll wait.
  4. Companionship. Loving a cat can combat feelings of loneliness and, as an added bonus, some cats only bond with select people, making that feeling of friendship even more fulfilling and special.
  5. Decreased Risk of Heart Attack. One study showed that non-cat owners are 30-40% more likely to die of a heart attack than cat owners. If that’s not reason enough right there then we don’t know what is!

Bonus Reason: They are totally adorable and can complement any windowsill.

Whether you’re looking for an easygoing elderly cat or to raise a spunky, curious kitten, your shelter undoubtedly has the right feline for you – and, who knows, they may even be running an adoption special to mark the occasion! If you decide to adopt or foster a feline this Adopt a Cat Month, we’d love to see their sweet whiskers on our Facebook wall! And don’t forget to spay/neuter and properly identify your new best friend.

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Let’s Talk Pet Appreciation

Young man sitting with his dog on the floor













June 4-10 marks Pet Appreciation Week, a.k.a. an opportunity to take your pet’s spoiling to the next level. We think owning a pet clearly means you appreciate their company and unconditional love, but there are certainly varying ways of showing it. This week, leave no doubt in your animal’s mind that they’re an adored, appreciated, and unwavering part of the family by showing them a little extra love. Here are a few of our favorite ways to say thanks for all the smiles and companionship. 

  • A little mealtime indulgence. Go ahead, add a few Pro-Treats or a raw egg into their food a few times this week. Maybe even take this time to consider the permanent switch to an easy-to-digest raw diet for an ongoing ‘thank you’.
  • Go on, walk a little longer. Add an extra 5 or 10 minutes to their routine walk or make a special trip to the dog park for some off leash romping.
  • Make ‘em pretty. Remember that proper grooming isn’t just about looks, it’s actually healthy for them (much like our self-care routine.) Treat them to a grooming session if it doesn’t totally stress them out; or just take the opportunity to make sure their nails are trim, ears are clean, and eyes aren’t gunky or cloudy.
  • Spruce up their I.D. Nothing says you appreciate your pet like properly claiming them as yours; make sure their collar fits, tags are secure, and microchip service is up to date and paid for.
  • Plan a trip. For the ultimate doting dog owner, consider planning a fun trip to the beach or a daytime hike if it’s something your pet would enjoy. Make sure to bring plenty of water for both of you and keep their leash handy, just in case.
  • Never discount quality time. You are your pet’s whole world, so spending time with you is a treat in itself. Sit on the floor and really give your pet some love… maybe even let them sleep in bed with you, if they don’t already.

Show us how you’re appreciating your pet this week, we’d love to see!

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