Black Friday – 9 Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers On Your Holiday List

black friday shopping for dog loversOh, holiday shopping.

It begins creeping into our minds around Halloween and doesn’t stop until about December 23 (December 24th for some!). But smack dab in the middle of that timeline is every bargain hunter’s dream: Black Friday. We know you have a lot of people to buy for, some of which you have no idea what to get, so we’re going to let you in on a little yuletide secret:

When it doubt, buy for their pet.

Seriously, it’s foolproof. We know your local pet store isn’t the first stop in your quest for amazing deals, but you may want to consider working it into your day; not only can you get great prices on things your pet uses, but you may cross off a few more names than you expected. On a side note, who doesn’t love going to pet stores? We know people who can spend hours in them!  If you have friends, neighbors, and coworkers with pets, a gift for their animal is a thoughtful, functional gesture that you can still tailor to the person you’re buying for.

Here’s 9 gift ideas for dog lovers on your Black Friday list:

For Teachers/Coworkers:

  1. A festive toy or chew – there are several holiday themed toys this time of year!
  2. Delicious, seasonal treats
  3. Easy-to-use ball launcher

For the Athlete/Health Nut:

  1. A leash with matching collar or harness is always appreciated.  Pro Tip: If you’re unsure of the size, get an adjustable!
  2. Lean, healthy treats
  3. Dog booties (for trail safety) or backpack (to maximize workout)

For the Traveler/Road Tripper:

  1. Give the gift of safety!  A car seat belt restraint is the perfect gift for people who travel with their dogs. Just remind them to always use it with a harness, not a collar.
  2. Reflective leash, collar, or harness (for pit stops)     
  3. Travel bowls or water bottles with built-in bowls are perfect for those on the go.                

What are some purchases you’ve made for people’s pets? Share with us on Facebook!

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