Assistance Dogs: Saving Lives on Four Paws

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.31.29 AMEach year in the pet realm, the first week in August is International Assistance Dog Week, a wonderful awareness holiday dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the incredible work assistance dogs do. Through ample training, testing, and patience, assistance dogs are able to transform the lives of the human they help – whether they detect life-threatening seizures, act as a blind person’s eyes, or help a veteran acclimate back to civilian life, these amazing canines are an irreplaceable facet of the communities they help. IADW also gives credit to the trainers that make these life-changing canines a reality for their humans. Just think of how much diligent training must go into training a dog to detect low blood sugar or stop its owner from walking into the street… it’s pretty incredible.
While we’re talking service dogs, it’s important to be aware and respectful of the job they do by always asking their handler if you can pet them before doing so. We know how irresistible all dogs can be, and wanting to give them some attention is expected, but assistance dogs have a round-the-clock job and a distraction can result in unfortunate injury.
For more information on assistance dogs and spreading awareness about them, head to http://www.assistancedogweek.org/.

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