Animal Shelters and You: Ways to Appreciate their Cause

animal shelter dog

Next week, November 6-12, marks National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, created to get people interested and involved in their favorite rescue’s mission. Most shelters wouldn’t exist without the help of advocating volunteers and those who donate to the cause. Just think about how many animals they take care of on a daily basis: that’s a lot of food, water, and clean up for [what will be] someone else’s pet. If you’ve ever adopted, consider showing your rescue some appreciation for their care and devotion this week by doing one (or more) of the following:

  • Call ahead to see what they may need, because anything helps. Food, paper towels, bleach, regular towels, litter, blankets, perhaps some Stewart Pro-Teats? hint, hint… if pets need it, so does the shelter.
  • Take this week to volunteer your time doing whatever the rescue may need, be it cleaning, walking, feeding, or manning the front desk. Who knows, you may even continue doing it!
  • Get Crafty. There are lots of at-home toys and blankets you can make out of things you already own.Look up some DIY tutorials and get to it! You’ll feel so good when you see the gratitude on everyone’s faces.
  • Educate Yourself. If you’re considering adopting an animal, do your due diligence and educate yourself on the breed, training, and how to be the best pet parent you can be. Why? Because so many pets get returned to the shelter because their adopters become overwhelmed – which is completely unfair.
  • Start at Home. Help your shelter by making sure your pets have proper chipping and ID so, should they ever get out, the rescue knows they don’t have a new guest to care for but rather a lost pet to reunite with their family.
  • Spread the Word. The more, the merrier! Get your pet-loving friends, family, or neighbors involved this week. Your rescues will be overly appreciated.

Again, these facilities do such an admirable and loving thing every single day; think about how many people wouldn’t have a pet without the work of these rescues. We hope you take this week, or any week, to appreciate your local shelter because, we assure you, the job they do isn’t easy and may feel pretty thankless at times. However you choose to say thank you, we love that you’re getting involved.

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