Adoption Awareness

cute-puppy4-300x225Adopting a new pet is an exciting event and knowing you saved a life has its many rewards. You want to make sure your pup’s new home is everything he imagined. With all the love you already have for your new adopted dog, you want to have the right food and treats to keep him healthy and happy. When you bring your dog home he will probably be hungry, so what should you feed him? Our Stewart® Raw Naturals™ freeze dried or frozen dog food is packed with all the nutrients and vitamins he will need to live a long happy life. Stewart® contains a complete and healthy balance with all human grade ingredients.

Stewart® is rich in omega 3 and 6 and is grain and gluten free. Once he gets hooked on his new food he will love an all-natural treat during training, so try our Stewart® Pro-Treats™ that are 100% pure freeze dried liver. He will for sure listen to you once he tries these delicious treats, and please do not forget to adopt or donate to your local shelter or rescue facility.

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