Adopt-a-Dog Month

Just a quick reminder that October is Adopt-a-Dog Month, which we think should be celebrated every month but that would defeat the purpose of an awareness holiday. We believe in adopting shelter dogs with our whole hearts; some of the best dogs we’ve ever had walked out of the shelter and immediately into our hearts. We also like to bring attention to the incredible individuals who make shelters and pet rescues a safe haven for animals, as many of these facilities thrive on the help of volunteers – which is pretty incredible when you consider what a monumental task it is to care for displaced pets. Whether you want the mutt of all mutts, a special needs dog, a puppy, a sweet senior, or a pure breed, they all come through the shelter at one point – and they all need forever homes. If you’ve been considering adding a dog to your home, October’s the month to do it! Check with your local shelter to see if they’re doing any adoption specials for the month.

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