A Wee Ode to Some Four Leaf Canines

St Patricks Day Dog

Ah, St. Patrick’s Day, once a religious celebration for the Irish, now a widespread celebration complete with parades, food, dancing, drinking, and lots o’ green. But, seeing as it all started in Ireland, we wanted to get in the spirit the best way us dog fanatics know how: by sharing a wee recap o’ breeds lucky enough to call themselves Irish.

Irish Terrier
An active, headstrong breed that requires daily physical activity and a dominant leader, Irish Terriers are sturdy, smart, and have a thirst for action, making them great for agility training.

Irish Wolfhound
Making their debut in Ireland about 5,000 years ago, these big, gentle giants were once thought to be quite the threat on the battlefield. (Amazing what thousands of years of domestication can do!)

Irish Lurcher
We can thank a 14th century British rule for this breed; the rule outlawed commoners owning ‘established’ sighthounds, so they bred their own. Most Lurchers are the mix of a sighthound (Greyhound, Whippet) and a working breed, like a Collie or Shepherd.

Irish Setter
On top of their good looks, Setters are among the most affectionate breeds out there when properly exercised and loved. They can be destructive if their high-energy needs aren’t met, so daily runs are recommended to keep them happy.

Pro-Tip: It’s no secret that purebred dogs can have fickle stomachs, so consider an easy-to-digest raw diet if you notice their fur isn’t its shiniest or their skin’s dry or itchy. It’s amazing what the right ingredients can do for dogs with dietary issues.

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