A Tribute to Responsible Pet Owners

UntitledFebruary is Responsible Pet Owners Month, a nod to the humans that give so many animals the best love and care their furry hearts could hope for. From daily feedings, to walks, grooming, and plain ol’ TLC, being a responsible pet owner is exactly that – a responsibility. But responsible pet ownership extends beyond a doggy door and two feedings a day. Your pet is part of the family and caring for a loved one means a lot of different things – below is a checklist of things to ensure you’re being a conscious, caring pet owner:

  • Spay and neuter – not only is this healthier for your pet, but it combats pet overpopulation, which we can all agree is beneficial to our communities.
  • Keep up with appointments – Your vet should send you reminder postcards for vaccinations; be sure to call and schedule as soon as you get it so it’s on the calendar. It’s important that your pet sees a health care professional at least once a year.
  • Proper identification – While this is pretty basic, it’s recommended to go beyond the usual tag with your name and phone number on it. Microchip your pet – it’s a built-in ID tag and the success rate is considerably more than just a collar (which can fall off) or no tags at all.
  • Be prepared – Consider a pet first aid kit. It’s a huge relief to know that if anything went wrong on a hike or at home that you can help your pet.
  • Travel safety – If your pet frequently accompanies you in the car, consider a safety harness designed for travel like our Seat Leash™ Car Restraint. You’d never let your son or daughter ride without a seatbelt – pets are no different!

From the pawttom of our hearts, thank you for being a responsible, doting pet owner!


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