A Thanksgiving Meal Safe for Pets to Gobble










Thanksgiving for pets? Yum!

Even us pet-nutrition peeps are guilty of slipping our pets a nibble of something off our plates, but we try really hard to limit it to special occasions. That being said, what’s a more special occasion to share food than Thanksgiving?!  I mean, they’re family! It’s only fair to include them in the festivities! But it’s important to know that some ingredients that go into our Thanksgiving fare aren’t exactly good for our pets, so we came up with a little compromise for your canine that simply requires a little forethought.

As you’re prepping, set aside some of the boiled sweet potatoes and regular potatoes before mashing with all the extras, a slice or scoop of cranberry sauce, and some turkey gravy. Once the turkey’s done, remove the skin from a few pieces and dice up the meat. Mix everything together (unless you prefer a better presentation) and serve! Not only will your companion be completely pumped on this Thanksgiving treat, but you can relax knowing you’re not feeding them any unnecessary butter, salt, marshmallows, or incognito onions.

For those of you who aren’t cooking or want to give dogs a new flavor for the occasion, consider our Stewart Pro-Treat freeze dried liver treats or  Stewart Raw Naturals freeze dried turkey recipe dog food to meet their poultry quota without the unhealthy add-ons.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Show us your pets gobbling up their plates on our Facebook page!

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