A Shout Out to the Black Cats

Happy girl with black cat

August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day, a nod to the most misunderstood felines out there. We all know the superstition that black cats bring bad luck, but we can assure you this rumor simply isn’t true. In fact, if you had this conversation with someone from Asia or the U.K. they might look at you funny because black cats are considered lucky where they come from.

It’s a sad fact that black cats (and dogs, for that matter) are adopted at a much slower rate than their lightly-colored peers, making this awareness holiday a truly great initiative. Within our office alone we’ve owned every color cat and can say with absolute certainty that their personalities vary as widely as the colors they come in – and that the two are completely unrelated. So if you’re considering adopting a feline family member, don’t immediately discount the dark ones – take the chance to look into those big, beautiful green, blue, or yellow eyes and connect with your new kitty. Not to mention, as an added bonus, you get to wear black! Not many pet owners can say that!

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