5 Tips for Helping Your Overweight Pet in the New Year

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When rolling into a new year, it’s almost impossible not to consider a few goals and ways to improve yourself. If you’re like most people, you’re entering 2019 with the hopes of becoming a happier, healthier you and the same should go for your pet. Over half of the nation’s dogs and cats are overweight, which means the following tips on helping them lose some weight and keep it off may apply to you… er, well, them.

1. Portion control.

It’s just as important for pets as it is for people. Try scaling back their meal size by a ¼ cup or less (depending on your pet) and, when it comes to treating, remember that size doesn’t matter. Your pet will eat any size portion you give them, so be mindful. If you’re looking for small treats, check out our Pro-Treat Chicken Breast. It’s lean and packs a ton of flavor your dog will love!

2. Keep moving.

A little fetch in the backyard, a nice jaunt around the neighborhood, even playing keep away in the living room are all great ways to keep your pet’s body moving and some weight off.

3. Consider food quality.

Just like with humans, quality ingredients devoid of excess fat, chemicals, and fillers are processed easier and keep digestive tracts healthy and clear. Consider switching to a freeze dried diet – just take a peek at our easy-to-read ingredient list; our Raw Naturals line offers top quality nutrition that’s convenient, easy to feed and delicious!

4. Keep a log.

It may sound silly, but write down the things you do each day. It might not feel like you’re doing much on a day-to-day basis, but if you look back on a month’s worth of effort and notice even the slightest change in your pet, you’ll know what you’re doing is making a difference.

5. Consider their quality of life.

You are the single biggest influence in your pet’s life, so don’t forget why you’re doing this when they look up at you with big puppy-dog eyes begging for a bite of your dinner. Obesity in pets can lead to a variety of health issues and ultimately shorten their time with you. Being overweight can make simple tasks like walking and squatting exhausting and uncomfortable – and we know you don’t want that. Stick to your guns and watch the transformation happen!

If you have a transformation tale to tell, please share your pet’s story on Facebook! From our fur family to yours, we hope your 2019 is the absolute best it can be.

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