5 Questions And Answers About Using Slow Feeders For Dogs

Let’s talk slow feeders for dogs

As pet food experts, we’re often asked about slow feeders for dogs: What are they? What’s the point? Do they really work? Does my dog need one? Well, allow us to elaborate with a pseudo Q&A.

Q: What exactly are slow feeders for dogs? 

A: Slow feeders for dogs are bowls designed to make your pet ‘work’ to get the food out, often with obstacles or barriers to break up the flat surface of a bowl that allows pets to take big bites or eat too quickly.

Q: What’s the point?

A: Many animals ‘inhale’ or rapidly eat their food. This behaviour can cause vomiting, choking, upset stomach, or food bloat – which is potentially life threatening. A slow feeder is designed to avoid rapid eating, either prompting pets to chew between bites or just allowing less food in their mouth at a time.

Q: Do they really work?

A: Yes.  Most pets do take longer to eat, but finding the right slow feeder for your pet may take some fielding. Some may be too easy while others may take the joy out of mealtime for your animal altogether. You want one that allows your pet to eat at a comfortable pace.

Q: Any downsides?

A: Sure – some pets have ingested parts of the plastic barriers or even chipped a tooth by not being careful; other pet owners have noted it can be messy, meaning the bowl is harder to clean or their pet flips it over when trying to get to their food.

Q: So, does my dog need a slow feeder?

A: Suffice to say, not every dog needs a slow feeder but if your dog eats so fast you hear them choke or it’s caused them to vomit, a slow feeder could absolutely aid in preventing that.

Now it’s our turn to ask questions! Does your pet use a slow feeder? What prompted you to get one? Are you happy with the results? Tell us more on Facebook!


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