4 Tricks to Keeping Halloween a Treat: Easing Pets’ Anxieties

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Ah, Halloween. Fun for people, but it can be scary for pets

Like Fourth of July, Halloween isn’t an easy holiday for pets. Not only is the doorbell ringing repeatedly, but there are masked strangers at the door holding bags that could be interpreted as threatening (to an unsuspecting pet, at least.) Not to mention all the chocolate, hard candy, and taffy around the house. For many families, Halloween is a much-anticipated holiday – so let’s keep it fun for everyone. Below are a few tricks to keeping pets safe on October 31.

1. Howlin’ from the House.

The safest place for your pet during witching hour is indoors. Since the door will inevitably be opening and closing, it’s best to designate a room, preferably toward the back of the house, specially for them. If you plan on having company, put a sign on the door asking ghoulish guests to keep out of your animal’s room.

*Pro-Tip: Put a few of their favorite playthings (perhaps a chew toy stuffed with Pro-Treats)  in the room, and be sure to pop in and remind them they haven’t been forgotten.

2. Tucker Treat.

Take your dog on a run or to the dog park during the day so they’re too tired to worry too much about what the racket’s about.

3. Other Tricks.

For pets that have extremely high anxiety, consider a pressure wrap. Better yet, if your animal is comfortable in a crate, let them decompress there and do what you can to avoid them seeing the costumed crowds at the door.

4. Loot Lockdown.

Whether it’s the bags of candy you buy before Halloween or the mounds your kids bring home thereafter, it’s imperative to keep it out of pets’ reach. Designate a special place for it and be diligent in making sure all members of your family are keeping the sweets there and properly disposing of wrappers.

What are some ways you include your pet in Halloween? Do your dress them up or let them peacefully retreat? Share with us on Facebook!

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