4 Tips For Taking The Perfect Pet Pics

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Wednesday, July 11, is All American Pet Photo Day and with pictures, posts, and likes being all the rage right now we figure we’d help our loyal readers out by offering up a few tips to get those perfect pet pics.  Here are 4 tips for the picture-perfect selfie with your bestie.

Check the background.

Most people underestimate the background of a picture; make sure there’s nothing behind you that’s unsightly or embarrassing!

Lighting makes a difference.

Lighting is everything! Get the lighting right to ensure there aren’t any weird shadows or unflattering tones once the moment’s captured.

Be candid.

Show your pet’s personality! If you have a lazy cat, snap a selfie with them sleeping next to you or in the background, if your dog is your best friend snap a pic of you side by side with your arm around them.

Be ready.

And by that we mean, be prepared to bribe them with Pro-Treats. Our favorite tactic is to hold the treat right where we want them to look.

Get the right angle.  Where you hold the lens absolutely matters so make sure you’re holding it at angle that flatters you both!

The theme is All American so show us your patriotic pets! Post your selfies and tag us on Instagram or Twitter!

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