4 Tips For Bringing Your Pet To An Outdoor Event

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What to consider when bringing your pet to an outdoor event.

Just because summer’s winding down, it doesn’t bring an end to outdoor activities. September weather still allows for all kinds of outdoor events.  Consider visiting a farmer’s market or catching a concert by the river. If you’re anything like us, it’s understood your dog will accompany you (unless the event explicitly states they’re not allowed) but not without some consideration and mild preparation. Here are a few tips for bringing your pet to an outdoor event.

1. Consider your Pet.

Just because it’s fun for you to have your pet in tow doesn’t mean they’ll enjoy themselves. Make sure your pet does okay in large crowds and can walk confidently next to or in front of you with other people everywhere. And, of course, never bring a pet that doesn’t do well around small children or other animals, as you’ll certainly run into them at some point in the event.

2. Consider Yourself.

Are you going to be able to focus on your pet?  Will you remain calm should something unexpected happen? Will your pet be an added worry to an already busy affair? Sometimes it’s best to go on your own so you can relax and enjoy.

3. Consider the Venue.

Is the event happening somewhere where you’ll be able to step aside and get some shade and rest?  Is it a busy convention with constant foot traffic? Be sure you guys can get away from the excitement if needed.

4. Be Prepared.

Make sure you have everything you need for a day out with your dog.  Essentials include  collars with secure tags, a sturdy leash and harness, poop bags, treats, and even a travel bowl for water. Make sure your pet isn’t too rusty on their recall commands and be prepared to leave if they aren’t enjoying themselves.

We know that bringing your pet along makes most things more fun – plus it means they aren’t bored at home – just be sure it’s fun for everyone and not just you. Is your pet a pro at accompanying you to large events? Share their picture on our Facebook page #SeasonOfPets 

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