4 Outdoor Activities To Do in the Snow

Just because it’s the coldest time of year, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an outdoor adventure with your pup. Although the snow outside can be discouraging to you, most dogs love it! So, if you live in an area with snow, bundle up, grab some Stewart treats and go on an adventure with Fido!

Here are four dog friendly activities that are perfect to do in the winter:

1. Cross Country Skiing: If you get a hamilton pulling harness and straps to connect to your gear, you’re in for a treat. Your dog is able to pull you through the snow! (Meant for dogs over 30lbs)
2. Fetch: This is fun to do in the winter months and makes for a great video if you have lots of snow. Sometimes the dogs can get lost in the powder and will pop up out of nowhere. One thing to note: if you do have a large amount of snow, get a bright colored ball or Frisbee.
3. Snowshoeing: This is a great winter activity especially if you feel like going on a hike or walk. You may want to invest in some paw covers for your dog to avoid frostbite if you plan to do a long hike.
4. Dog Park: Take a trip to the local dog park so your pooch can run off some energy. It also allows for some socialization with other dogs. Even if it’s for a half hour or so, any activity is beneficial.

If any of these activities are new to you it’s important that you do the proper research and know what to bring for you and your pup. Remember, your dog loves spending time with you and needs to get out at least once a day for their health, so go have some fun!

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