3 Pet Businesses that put the WOW in Bow-Wow

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It seems more and more households are treating their pets like family, which means more and more businesses and manufacturers are thinking outside the box to help owners spoil their pets. It’s no longer a world of kibble, kennel boarding, and paying the neighbor to walk your dog twice a week – no sir-ree, businesses are taking it one step further to really pamper pets… and here are a few of our favorite pet businesses.

Meal Prep.

Perfect for the health-conscious pet owner or an athlete who wants to make sure their companion eats as lean as they do, there are businesses popping up all over the country that provide pre-prepared, nutritionally balanced meals tailored to your pet’s body type. As you can imagine, services like this costs more than a pretty penny!  Of course, for those who are looking for convenience and high quality blended with affordability, should look to a freeze dried diet like like Stewart Raw Naturals.

Assisted Adventures.

Paying the neighbor’s kid for a 15-minute jaunt around the neighborhood seems so 1950s when there are services out there that’ll leash up your pet and take ‘em on a full-blown adventure while you’re at work – complete with their own pack of playmates. These services aren’t necessarily available everywhere but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t track down a dog-loving outdoorsy person you trust and strike a deal (or start your own little business venture?!)

Doggy Hotels.

Because boarding can be stressful on both pets and, ultimately, their owners, many boarding facilities are upping their game from concrete kennels to full-blown private rooms with both beds and couches for pups to rest their weary heads. Some places even have a live feed of security cameras so owners can check in and see their pet in real time. Talk about fancy!

Of course, not indulging in these things doesn’t in any way make you a less-than-great pet owner, we just like to share new trends and gauge their popularity! Does your dog get any of these royal treatments? Snap a pic and share with stewartpet on Facebook!

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