Dog Sweaters: Isn’t their coat enough?

dog sweater on cute puppy


We get lots of letters in our in box and every so often, we like to share.  With the cold weather upon us, we thought this question regarding dog sweaters was perfect.  Of course, we took a little liberty with the wording.  😉  Not to mention, it also gives us a reason to use this cutie’s picture!  

Dear Stewart,

December 16 is Ugly Sweater Day and I really want my pet to pawticipate. I’ve already ordered our matching ensembles but this silly spirit day got me thinking… should my sweetie always wear a sweater? Are dog sweaters something pets really need in cold weather or are their coats enough?


Coated in Curiosity

Dear Coated,
The short answer is: yes, some dogs (and hairless cats) really do need an extra layer. Depending on their breed, size, and even age, some canines simply can’t keep themselves as warm as others. For those that can’t, dog sweaters help to give their coat a boost. Of course, some breeds like St. Bernards, Malamutes, Huskies, and Bernese Mountain Dogs have coats that are meant for snow and the extra layer of a jacket may just limit their mobility or cause overheating. Some breeds whose coats could use a coat are Greyhounds, Chihuahuas, Pinschers, Shorthair Pointers, toy breeds, terriers, and even Boxers. If you notice your buddy shivering or showing hesitation when it’s time to go outside in cold or wet weather, try a sweater – ugly or otherwise! We hope this helps… and be sure to share a picture of your cutie in their ugliest attire!

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