Bark to School: Tips to Help Buddy Adjust

boxer doing homework


It’s that time of year! Yep, September means back to school, which means getting back into the routine of homework and after school activities in addition to dinners, showers, and a good night’s sleep. For us, it’s an expected and easy transition; for the furry family members, though, it can be a sudden onset of unwanted separation. While most buddies get the hang of the new schedule after a couple of weeks, we have a couple things you can do to help distract them while you’re gone.

  • Morning Walks. We know it might sound crazy, but waking up just a few minutes earlier and taking the dog on a walk will make a huge difference – to both of you! It’ll help Fido burn some excess energy while the fresh air and movement will boost yours and kick start your metabolism for the day.
  • Frozen Treats. Get a toy with an open center and fill it with peanut butter or cheese spread and pop it in the freezer. When it’s time for everyone to leave, reward your pet with the long-lasting treat – by the time they finish, the excitement and commotion of everyone leaving will be through and they can relax in the quiet house.
  • Interactive Treaters. Throw a few Pro-Treats in these puzzles (where pets have to lift and slide flaps to get to them) and you should have no problem slipping out the front door.
  • The Classic Bone. If there’s a bone or chew toy your pet is particularly fond of, use it! Put it away when you’re home and only give it to them when you’re about to leave; they’ll be so excited by seeing their favorite plaything they’ll forget all about you. Pro-Tip: This will eventually condition Fido to know he’ll be on his own for a few hours.


Do you have any tricks to help your pets thwart back to school loneliness? Share with us!

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