Frightening Fireworks: Preparing Pets for the 4th

frightened dog

For humans, Fourth of July is a summer staple filled with good food, friends and, of course, fireworks. For pets, though, it can be a much scarier experience. While we appreciate the spectacle of fireworks and their representation of our country’s independence, the pops, bangs, and high-pitched whistles mixed with bursts of light can truly terrify your pet. In fact, the Indiana Proactive Animal Welfare, Inc., dubbed July 5 the busiest day of the year for shelters because so many pets escape their homes in panic. Not to worry – before you call off the BBQ, here are a few of our favorite ways to help our pet through their Fourth of July fears:
• Proper Identification. If there’s ever a time of year to make sure your pet’s tags/chip are up to date, it’s now. If they don’t have these things, now is the time to buy them.
• Keep Them Inside. The safest place for animals during the flame-filled festivities is indoors. Be sure to keep doors closed or designate a room for your pet (preferably toward the back of the house, if possible.) If you plan on having company, put signs on doors reminding guests to close them or a friendly reminder to stay out of the room your pet is in.
*Pro-Tip: If you designate a room, make sure to put a few of your pet’s favorite things in there with them. And don’t forget to pop in to soothe and remind your pet you’re there for them.
• Keep it Pet Friendly. With bug sprays, BBQ’ed bones, and alcoholic drinks in the mix, there’s a lot about the Fourth that simply isn’t pet friendly; be sure guests aren’t feeding your pet and only use pet-friendly insect repellents on your animal if they’re going to be outside.
• Know what you’re Doing. There’s no way around it: fireworks are dangerous for both pets and humans alike. Be sure whoever is lighting and extinguishing the fireworks is using the proper precautions to keep everyone safe.

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