A Nod to Responsible Pet Owners

When people think of getting a pet they usually talk about “feeding it” and “cleaning up after it” – but there’s so much more to being a responsible pet owner than that. February is Responsible Pet Owners Month, a virtual acknowledgement to the owners who don’t just feed their dogs and let them out but cherish them and raise them to be confident, loving, playful companions.

Being a responsible pet owner isn’t just about monitoring your dog so they don’t chew someone’s shoes or make a mess of the backyard – it’s also interfering on their behalf when someone or something is making them uncomfortable or nervous. It’s showing your pet that you’re there for them, too.

A responsible pet owner doesn’t ignore their animal but lovingly pets their whole body, paying close attention to any lumps, bumps, or sensitive spots. It’s being their personal health monitor and voice when something doesn’t seem right.
It’s more than giving a dog a roof over their head, it’s about bringing in a new family member to love, care for, and make memories with.

Being responsible is more than just feeding them; it’s reading the labels for quality ingredients and monitoring their weight, skin, and coat to keep them as healthy as possible.

It’s being patient when they misbehave and doing what you can to teach them in an attempt to grow and nurture your bond. It’s not giving up on them if they mess up “one more time.”

But most of all, it’s love. From us to you, thank you for being a responsible, loving pet owner. We’d love to see! Feel free to share pictures of you and your pet on our Facebook page!

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